Schabbach again the Center of the World 

Report of the premier of two HEIMAT 3-Documentarys by Utz Kastenholz

by Joel Young


Utz Kastenholz and Jörg AltmeyerSunday morning 28 Nov 04 at 11:00 started the theater Premier of two films from Utz  Kastenholz, "Schabbach ist Ueberall" and "Drei für Schabbach". Under contract from the German TV companies, Mr. Kastenholz and his camera team was given the privilege to be on the HEIMAT 3 film sets during actual film production in order to make a documentary over Edgar Reitz’ filming HEIMAT 3. 

 The Pro-Winz Kino team had gone all out again to make the Premier a memorable experience for everyone. Champagne was available in the lobby before the performance, and guests congregated in the lobby, in the theater, and on the street in front of the theater to exchange HEIMAT experiences with each other and to meet new people.  A number of the actors from HEIMAT 3 were present, and many persons that were involved in the production of HEIMAT 3 were on hand too.

The first film shown was "Schabbach ist Ueberall" (Schabbach is everywhere) which is an hour long program that will be shown on SWR, 11 December 2004, at 21:50.  I suggest you have your video recorders and DVD burners running.  The film is exciting, excellent.  You will recognize a lot of principal characters from HEIMAT, there is a continuing interview with Edgar Reitz, and you can see some of the background and "how" some scenes were filmed. 

Karl-August Dahl being interviewed by the Deutschlandfunk In the center of the film is Schabbach, HEIMAT, the home of the Simons.  At the same time Kastenholz is showing that Schabbach and HEIMAT are sort of synonymous for the longing of a previous world we knew, a world where there was a life that was simpler more comprehensible than today.  Where is HEIMAT?HEIMAT is everywhere as is Schabbach, not in a single location.  He gave for example the Deutschland Russians now living in the old American Housing near what was Hahn Air Base, who are in their HEIMAT #3.  Interspersed in his documentary you will see bits of scenes from HEIMAT 1 and HEIMAT 3, along with interview material with actors, local people, and Edgar Reitz.

After the first showing we were treated to a hot Sunday midday meal in the theater down front on what would be the stage below the screen.  Again the ProWinz team provided not only an excellent meal for everyone, but we were able to eat in an ambiance that is no where else, among people that all have the same interest – HEIMAT.

Joel Young, Karl-August Dahl, Helma Hammen, Maxmillian KreuzThe second film from Mr. Kastenholz started after lunch, and it is entitled "Drei für Schabbach" (Three for Schabbach).  Drei für Schabbach will be transmitted on 18 December 2004 on SWR-RP at 18:50.  It is a portrait of three very different people, who all have something in common.  The trilogy from Edgar Reitz has played an important role in their lives.  One of these persons is Julia Prochnow, a young actress whose first contact with HEIMAT was as a child.  During DZH she decided to become an actress, and after her studies was awarded a roll in HEIMAT 3 as Moni.

After the second showing, Mr. Kastenholz again took the microphone, and answered questions from the audience.  Afterwards, many guests remained in the lobby of the theater for a while reminiscing of HEIMAT and making further contacts.

Be sure and do not miss these showing on SWR.  They are a must for any HEIMAT fan, and will be collectors editions for years to come.


© Joel Young

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